Our experienced clinicians are available to provide psychoeducational and experiential workshops on a variety of topics, to individuals, families, parents/caregivers, educators, healthcare practitioners and other community professionals.

Popular topics include:

  • Attachment/building secure connections
  • Emotions
  • Behaviour challenges at home and school
  • Coping strategies
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Life-Skills
  • Non-Verbal expressive activities

Upcoming Workshops and Offerings

Behaviour as Communication
Date: Tuesday October 24, from 7-8 PM at Tecumseh Public School (London, Ontario)
Cost: FREE

Facilitated by Gillian Hubick (MSW, RSW) and Nikki Gardin (MSW, RSW, CYW).

Our kids don’t come with an instruction manual but they do give us clues if we know what to look for. In the same way that a smoke detector alerts us that there could be a fire, our children’s behaviour tells us when they need something- whether they are struggling with big emotions, are lacking a specific skill, or are just hungry or tired- tuning into those needs can greatly support parents/caregivers to regain their confidence, calm and control.

Using Circle of Security Parenting and knowledge of child development and emotion regulation a a guide, this workshop will explore how to better understand and respond to the needs driving your child’s behaviour. We will look at common challenging behaviours (such as whining and power struggles) and talk about ways to work through these.

Contact Tecumseh Community School to register

Non-Verbal Journaling Workshop  (2.5 hours)
Date TBD
Cost: $80 (All materials provided)

Facilitated Erin Elston, MSW, RSW, trained in Art Therapy, this workshop is for adults to explore non-verbal self-expression strategies.

You can opt to do this workshop online or contact us to discuss the possibility of in-person.

Please contact us if interesed!

Team Building Activities
We now offer art-based team building activities. Tailored for any size group, please contact to inquire.

Please Contact Us for more information.