Our experienced clinicians are available to provide psychoeducational and experiential workshops on a variety of topics, to individuals, families, parents/caregivers, educators, healthcare practitioners and other community professionals.

Upcoming Workshops and Offerings

Parent Workshop: “Flipping our lids” (Support with meltdowns) 

Facilitator: Gillian Hubick and Nikki Gardin
Date: Tuesday, April 30 from 7-8pm
Cost: FREE

Meltdowns are NO fun! When our kids are struggling (and, quite literally, “losing their minds”) it can be hard to know what to say or do. This workshop will provide easy-to-understand language that can be shared with family members to aid communication and understanding.

We will explore the basic mechanics of a child’s brain, how it develops and what happens when we “flip our lids”. Lastly, we will break down the basic steps to regain calm and control, to reach the “learning brain”, providing tangible examples of what to say and do (or not say and do!). 

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Team Building Activities
We now offer art-based team building activities. Tailored for any size group, please contact to inquire.

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