Parent Coaching & Support

Experienced, practical support and guidance to address concerns, strengthen connections and gain greater insight.

For many parents, the emotions we experience when parenting are the “highest highs” and “lowest lows” we’ll feel in our lifetime. Few things bring as much happiness, fulfillment and joy when things are going well. But, conversely, very few other experiences can make us feel as vulnerable, lost or alone, as when our children are really struggling or we don’t feel “good enough”.

It’s easy to feel lost, overwhelmed, frustrated and scared. Getting the right support, at the right time, can be a game-changer.

We combine our own experiences as parents with a solid understanding of attachment and developmental needs, and years of professional experience supporting children with significant behavioural, emotional and relational difficulties. The result is a personalized, integrative and hands-on approach to give you and your family the support you need.

Parent coaching and support can:

  • Provide practical help for a variety of challenges at home and/or school
  • Help you gain more insight into your child’s struggles and how to best support them
  • Prioritize goals and help break them down into manageable steps
  • Support you to better understand your own strengths and challenges, and how your history may be influencing your parenting
  • Facilitate parents being more “on the same page” 
  • Help you gain more confidence and feel more in control
  • Help you feel supported and less isolated in your struggles

Please also see Circle of Security Parenting and Family Therapy.

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