Mission & Values

I strive to build positive, safe connections with everyone I work with, to allow you the space you need to grow, while providing support rooted in best practices and practical, hands-on experience.

What do I value?

I value the power of connection. Our safe and supportive relationships and our felt sense of being connected with others allow us to grow and heal, and to reach our fullest potential. Conversely, isolation and a lack of relationship security not only affects how we view ourselves and how we experience the world around us, it can actually change the way our brains are wired. That’s why I believe that the only way to heal trauma is through corrective experiences; in other words, opportunities to connect, to feel seen, heard and held by someone who cares.

I also believe that everyone – children and adults – do the best they can. No one chooses to struggle. Sometimes, we all need help, particularly when the old ways we used to cope are no longer beneficial, or we need to develop new skills to get us through a particularly challenging experience.

It takes courage to reach out for help, and I respect and admire when people can take this important step toward increased wellness.