Circle of Security Parenting

Circle of Security Parenting (COS-P) is a program to help us as caregivers gain a better understanding of our children’s needs. It offers opportunities to develop more insight into our own strengths and struggles, and, ultimately, support our children to feel more secure and happy.

The COS-P provides the tools to be able to consistently answer the questions: “What is my child’s behaviour telling me?” and “What do they need from me right now?”.

Learning about “the Circle” can also provide us with greater insight into our own needs and can be applied beyond the parent-child relationship.

This program can be integrated into individually tailored parent coaching and support sessions, or the program can be taught in its entirety one-on-one, in a parenting dyad or in a group.

You can watch this short video for an introduction to Circle of Security Parenting and its philosophy.

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