Art Therapy

Communication is tricky. Sometimes what we need to get out doesn’t have words and sometimes we lose our words when given the opportunity to talk. Maybe you or your family get stuck in patterns and need something new to help change what isn’t working. Maybe you’ve never fit the mold and need a safe space that doesn’t require your words. Or maybe you want to make counselling a little more fun.

If this sounds like you, Art Therapy could be a great option. 

Art Therapy combines Psychotherapy with the creative process, using images, colours and shapes to express thoughts and feelings. It does not require any previous art experience and all skill levels are welcome. 

Art Therapy engages both sides of the brain at the same time, which helps to reduce stress and support a more balanced mental state. It encourages self-exploration and understanding while engaging the senses and promoting non-verbal communication.

Art Therapy sessions can be provided both in-person and online. We are able to provide all necessary materials or you are welcome to bring your own. 

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